Do You Know Nir Hus?

October 11th, 2013

You must have heard about many great people who have endowed their contribution to science and mankind. Many of them get recognition long after the end of their bright career, but there are few, who gain the popularity and recognition of the whole world in no time, with the rise of their career. One of such great people is Nir Hus. This personality has devoted his life to science and mankind. As a resident of Miami, Dr. Hus completed his graduation on two of his favorite subject marine science and biology.

Dr. Hus Career Diary

Nir Hus is popularly counted among the man, who has maintained the quality of professional, academic and personal activities. His presence in all these fields shows his equal dedication towards all the responsibilities. The qualification level of Dr. Hus is very high. He is an PhD. and MD. He is a critical care physician and also known for his contribution in the field of biology.

He was so fascinated about since that he started doing research after graduation and still carrying it at various field of science. In 1990, he started his journey for higher studies of molecular biology, bio-chemistry, bio-informatics and medicines from the famous University of Miami, along with his job. In I995, he completed his graduation and started working in various science center and Universities. In year 1996, he established a company that works in the field of Medical Management. Besides, he is also a licensed professional of Microsoft and is qualified in MCSEI, MCP, MCDBA and MCT.

Research and Achievement

The contribution of Dr. Nir Hus in the field of scientific research and was highly acknowledged. This report on Cervical Cancer was his first but one of the impressive researches on aspects of Cervical Cancer. He wrote this report while pursuing his graduation studies. Later, his project also gained recognition in the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. After few years, he received United States patent for developing a tool for DNA. He has published many articles on various fields of biology and science.  He has also done research on serious health issues such as breast tumor and gynecological tumor.



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August 16th, 2013

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